Answered By: Allison Martel
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Scholarly and peer-reviewed articles are the same thing. Researchers often publish their work in magazines for other scholars known as journals.

Scholarly journals are different from the magazines you'd pick up in the drugstore like Vogue or Sports Illustrated. Scholarly journals are written by academic researchers and are intended for other researchers within the field. These articles are reviewed by other scholars in the field for accuracy and quality.

In contrast, magazines are intended for a general audience and are written in easier-to-understand language. They might not be fact-checked prior to publication, which can make them problematic for college-level research.

In summary, professors in some programs will ask for scholarly/peer-reviewed articles because they have been verified for their quality and authority. As a result, they are appropriate for college-level research. You can find this type of article by searching in one of our library databases and selecting the "peer-reviewed" checkbox.

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